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[clear] Centerstone (formerly Seven Counties Services) is the leading provider of behavioral health care and developmental services in the Louisville, KY region. Centerstone delivers community-based treatment, support, and services for persons with severe mental illnesses, children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, and individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. They offer community-based and residential treatment and services for adults and adolescents with addictions. Centerstone’s Mental Health Outreach Team is a grant-funded program comprised of three case managers who conduct outreach to people living on the streets and in shelters. They provide case management for people who are experiencing homelessness and who have severe mental illnesses. The goal of this team is to link people with community resources and housing resources.

If you are worried about someone who may have a mental illness and might be unable to call or stay in a shelter, call the Centerstone outreach team at 502-287-0642 with a description and location so they can help the person.