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To reserve a bed at an emergency shelter, or to get access to services to prevent homelessness, contact our Coordinated Shelter Access (formerly “Single Point of Entry”) office: (502) 637-2337. The Coordinated Shelter Access team takes calls seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Coalition for the Homeless administrative office: (502) 636-9550


  • Natalie Harris, Executive Director: x 1212
  • George Eklund, Director of Education & Advocacy: x 1219
  • Catherine McGeeney, Director of Communications: x 1208
  • Brandi Scott, Director of Planning & Evaluation: x 1211
  • Megan Augsburg, Housing Manager: x 1205
  • Marsha Bailey, Client/Landlord Relations and Office Manager: x 1206
  • Brittany Boxley, Coordinated Access Specialist: x 1221
  • Anna Clayton, Coordinated Entry Supervisor: x 1218
  • Alicia Hart-Conkin, Coordinated Access Specialist: x 1224
  • Erica Johns, Administrative Assistant: x 1206
  • Will King, HMIS Administrator: x 1210
  • Maria Mullaney, Accountant: x 1216
  • Danielle Otte, Associate Director, Services and Systems Advancement: x 1220
  • Mary Frances Schafer, Special Projects: x 1209
  • Ashley Tabor, Monitoring & Training Specialist: x 1207
  • Erin Wallace-Wimsatt, Grants Manager: x 1233
  • Charles M. Walsh, Coordinated Access Specialist: (502) 377-5376
  • Holly Watkins, Coordinated Access Specialist

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Our office is located at 1300 S. Fourth Street, Suite 250. Before you stop by, please call us first at (502) 636-9550 to make sure the right person is here. See the list of extensions above.

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For a list of email addresses by staff member, please see our staff page.