The Coalition for the Homeless seeks to educate the citizens of Louisville about the issues of poverty and homelessness so that we all understand that many do not have the same opportunities for success in our society and that there are ways that we can change this dynamic to make life better for others.

The Coalition for the Homeless can provide speakers for groups interested in learning how to get involved. We also have materials available at the Resources tab on this site to educate youth about homelessness. To learn more or to request a speaker, contact George Eklund at

Each year, the Coalition for the Homeless coordinates an unsheltered point-in-time count of people sleeping on the streets of Louisville, and we also coordinate a quarterly count of people sleeping in shelters in Louisville. Finally, we work with local shelters to collect data on those served throughout the year in our Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). This data is used to create an annual census of people experiencing homelessness in Louisville, which is released to the public each spring.

To access both historical and up-to-date statistics, please see our Publications page, and find the section titled “Homeless Management Information System Data.”

The Louisville Street Tips booklet is produced and published by the Coalition for the Homeless. It is intended to be a quick reference guide for those in immediate need of shelter or services. In addition, we hope service providers find this guide useful in providing referrals to people in need.

See our Street Tips webpage here to download or print your own copies.