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Our Vision

A critical part of the Coalition’s mission is to end homelessness through advocacy.

We believe everyone deserves a safe place to call home, and we envision a city where everyone can afford that: a city where no one has to live or die on our streets. Will you join us in advocating for this vision?

Together, we can develop, support, and pass good policy that improves the lives of people who experience homelessness and housing instability.

Our Priorities

Local Priorities (Metro Louisville government)

  • Implement A New Path Home: our research-based, client-centered recommendations for funding solutions to end homelessness
  • Advocate for policies developed by and for unhoused Louisvillians
  • Prevent homelessness through eviction prevention and address systemic inequities in Louisville’s rental market
  • Reduce barriers to creation of affordable housing

State Priorities (Kentucky legislature)

  • Allocate funds for state affordable housing trust fund in the annual budget
  • Create a pathway for Kentuckians to expunge an eviction off their record
  • Address excessive rental application fees to get people into housing more quickly

What You Can Do Now: 2023

Tell Metro Council to fund solutions to end homelessness by sending an email here. To learn more, read A New Path Home—our series of research-based, client-centered recommendations for city government funding.

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After you’ve done that, here are some great every day actions you can take.

  1. Set up a meeting to talk to your Metro Council person about the importance of funding affordable housing for the poorest Louisvillians. Louisville needs over 30,000 units of affordable housing for those that work full time at minimum wage—for making less than 30% of Area Median Income (AMI), or about $20,000 for a family of three. We must create more affordable housing options to support working families that are a crisis away from homelessness. Find your Metro Council person here.

  2. Donate to or volunteer with one of our partner organizations.

    There are so many organizations and volunteer groups in Louisville full of people working to help others. Our member agencies are always in need of resources to fund their work and support our neighbors without a home. There are many grassroots organizations who are working fervently to serve people in need, as well, many of whom can be found here.

    We encourage all Louisvillians to get close to the issue of homelessness and to support organizations and groups dedicated to meeting the basic needs of our neighbors. We also urge the community to support our member agencies by making a gift, donating crucial supplies, or volunteering their time.

  3. Address Metro Council during a monthly meeting to share your perspective and urge them to prioritize housing policy and the creation of affordable housing and supportive services for the poorest Louisvillians.

    Metro Council allows time during each meeting for citizens to address the Council and highlight pressing issues in the community. Email George to learn how to sign up:

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Questions? Want to get more involved? Email George Eklund, Director of Education & Advocacy.