Do you work for the Federal Government?  Do you care about the homeless?

If so, we’d love to invite you to contribute to The Coalition for the Homeless through the Combined Federal Campaign.  The Coalition for the Homeless is #70000 in the campaign.  We have been the leading advocate for the homeless in Louisville for almost 30 years and work with our 32 homeless service member agencies to serve over 8000 persons each year.  Your donation will be used to support the single point of entry, a system that allows homeless persons to call a single number to reserve a bed at a local shelter.  This system eliminates the need for the homeless to wait in line each night for shelter, eliminates vacancies at some shelters while others are overcrowded and improves data on who is homeless in the community and their particular needs to increase access to services and housing that will help them obtain housing much more quickly.  Your contribution also leverages $3 in federal HUD funding for each dollar received.