HMIS Licensing Process

HMIS Training and Licensing Process

This is the process for training and licensing:

  1. Submit a request for training to  Please use the subject line “Training Requested”.  Specify the names of the trainees, the agency and the projects they need access to.
  2. Download the 2023 KYHMIS External Policies and Procedures Manual.  Please print out the last page of this document.  Initial the designated area followed by your signature, your printed name and the date.  Scan/email/fax/mail the last page of the form.  Email to:  Fax to:  502-636-9950.  Mail to:
    Coalition for the Homeless
    1300 South 4th Street
    Suite:  250
    Louisville, KY 40208
    ATTN:  HMIS Admin
    This will need to be turned in to the system administrator before your live site license can be created.
  3. User names and passwords for the training site will be created and emailed to you and/or your trainees.
  4. Watch the appropriate videos below (if you have questions regarding the workflow needed, you can contact the system admin at; descriptions of the workflows are below).
  5. Download the assignment (found below under “HMIS Resource Documents”), log into the HMIS Training Database and complete your exercise.
  6. When finished with the assignment, email stating that you have completed the assignment.  Be sure to include the name of the client you created and that client’s HMIS ID.
  7. Your assignment will be reviewed.  If accepted, your license for the live site will be issued and you will be notified via email.  If there are mistakes on your assignment, you will be asked to correct the mistakes.  Once the mistakes have been corrected you will be granted a license to the live site.
  8. If your license is being transferred from another employee, then no invoicing will need to occur.  If you are requesting a new license, the invoice will need to be paid before the license is made active.