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What is the Host Homes Pilot Project?

The Host Homes Pilot Project is a new initiative the Coalition for the Homeless is bringing to Louisville in 2018.

Through a one-year partnership with the Home of the Innocents, we will launch a program to train local volunteer families to provide compassionate, stable, temporary housing to homeless young adults for a short period of time while a case manager provides support to help meet their needs, from housing to employment or school.

Thanks to the generous investment of local foundations and philanthropists, we have officially launched this project! The Coalition is providing the start-up funding for this important initiative, which will continue through the Home of the Innocents after the first year.

We are confident that this collaborative initiative will help us to make more progress toward our goal to end homelessness among young adults in Louisville by 2020.

Why do we need this in Louisville?

More than 800 unaccompanied young adults (under age 24) experience homelessness in our city each year. The Coalition and our partners firmly believe that no young person should have to worry about where they’re sleeping each night, and we’ve set a goal to end youth homelessness by 2020.

When young adults find themselves homeless, they often go to adult emergency shelters, or sleep in their cars, or set up a tent somewhere outdoors—sometimes even becoming victims of human trafficking. None of these are good solutions for homeless young adults, whose needs are often different than homeless adults.

Host Homes will give ordinary Louisvillians a chance to make an extraordinary difference in the life of a young person who would otherwise be homeless. Young people will benefit from living in a stable home with a caring local family or individual for a short period of time. With their basic needs met, they can more easily begin to work toward their long-term goals: building relationships, thinking about finishing high school or starting college, taking care of their own children, and maintaining a steady job. In addition to having a professional case manager to help them get into permanent housing, they will have a stable adult to support them and encourage them.

How is this being funded?

We are so grateful to have received the following grants, which will help fund this initiative in its first year!
  • [give]502 grant: $20,000
  • Community Foundation of Louisville’s Fund for Louisville grant: $20,000
  • Gheens Foundation grant: $13,500
  • V.V. Cooke Foundation grant: $1,000
To join these donors and pledge your support to the Host Homes Pilot Project in its first year, please email Melissa or make a gift here.
In summary, the Host Homes Pilot Project to End Youth Homelessness will allow local families to provide short-term housing for young adults while they work with a case manager on a permanent housing solution. This safety, support, and stability will be priceless to young adults attempting to get on their feet as they navigate the difficulties life has thrown at them. This project will help us to keep youth off the streets and out of emergency shelters, where they are exposed to harsh realities that can endanger their lives.

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