How You Can Help





Give to the Greatest Need

The Coalition for the Homeless has been the leading advocate for homeless issues in Louisville for over a quarter century.

Your unrestricted gift ensures that people avoid homelessness or move as quickly through the system as possible; creates legislative change that improves the lives of the homeless; and educates the community so others know how to act to help their homeless neighbors.

Thank you for ensuring support for our neediest Louisvillians!

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Give to a Specific Cause

Because homelessness is complicated and affects all types of people, there are many solutions needed to address it. You may want to concentrate on model programs that provide housing first for homeless veterans, solutions for homeless families, or support services for homeless youth and young adults. 

Click on the button below to support one of your causes.

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Join the Five Bucks A Month Club

The Five Bucks A Month Club provides funding to get one homeless person indoors during the most extreme weather.

When the temperature is below 35 or above 95 degrees, our White Flag Program is enacted, and three of our generous member shelters exceed their capacity to ensure that people have a safe place to sleep inside.

If you commit $5 a month, you’ll cover the cost of getting one person off the streets and into shelter for one night of extreme weather each month.

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