How to Help This Winter

The Coalition for the Homeless put together the below guide to help Louisvillians meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness by giving the right item to the right team at the right time. In addition to the needs below, the Coalition’s own Coordinated Shelter Access team needs new gloves, new hats, new scarves, and hand/foot warmers which can be dropped off at 1300 S. Fourth St #250 during regular business hours.

Note: if you are a partner of the Coalition for the Homeless and would like to be added to this list, or your information is inaccurate, please email your information to Catherine at

Winter Needs Guide

Boys and Girls Haven

Items Needed: Winter coats, clothes, and shoes for our foster youth (all genders, ages 18-21)

Contact info for donating items: Alan Gomez or,  502-819-3391

Contact info for volunteering: Alan Gomez –

Coalition Supporting Young Adults

Items Needed: soap, socks, coats, feminine hygiene products, disinfectant wipes, deodorant

Contact info for donating items: Darryl Young, Jr. at or 502-290-6121 ext 471

Volunteer opportunities: Helping organize donation inventory

Contact info for volunteering: Darryl Young, Jr. at or 502-290-6121 ext 471

Clothe the West

Items Needed: New items for children aged 0-18

Contact info for donating items: Rebecca Ward:, 502-414-3155

Feed Louisville

Items Needed: Tents, sleeping bags, tarps, sternos, hygiene items, and winter clothing

For volunteer needs and forms, see

Family Scholar House

Items Needed: pantry items (non-perishable food and snacks), laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, feminine hygiene products, diapers (all sizes but mainly 3, 4, 5, 3t-4t), school supplies

Contact info for donating items: Madison Wolf:

Volunteer opportunities: virtual career opportunities (career conversations, resume review); sorting and organizing Linda’s closet (professional clothing closet); hosting a donation drive; writing encouragement cards to our scholars

Contact info for volunteering: Madison Wolf:

Home of the Innocents

Items Needed: Kitchen Supplies – pots, pans, and cooking utensils

Contact info for donating items: Joe Hamilton:, (502) 596-1323

Volunteer opportunities: We can always use more volunteers for our Life Skills classes

Contact info for volunteering: Joe Hamilton,, (502) 596-1323

Hope Village/Hope Buss

Items Needed: Between 11/8/22 and 11/20/22, canned goods are needed for Thanksgiving Food Drop Off: green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, elbow macaroni noodles, velvet cheese, cornbread mix, packs of dinner rolls, and jars of gravy. Drop off at The Hope Village (212 E College St) Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-8pm or Shawnee Presbyterian (101 S. 44th St) Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm-8pm.

Volunteer Opportunities: Thanksgiving with the Hope Buss needs volunteers to assist with food preparation, packing, and distributing food. Sign up to volunteer by filling out this form:

Questions? Email

House of Ruth

Items Needed: New hats and gloves for adults. New socks and underwear for adults. All sizes. Rain ponchos. Travel size umbrellas.

Contact info for donating items: Lara Hurt,

Jeff St Baptist At Liberty Hospitality Program

Items Needed: Men’s and women’s hats, gloves, coats, socks, and hand/feet warmers, blankets and sleeping bags

Contact Info for donating items:  Cindy Brown Kinloch,, 502 262-7194

NuLease Medical Solutions/NuLease Outreach

Items Needed: blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, tents, flashlights, batteries, hand/feet warmers, thermal socks, sterno, propane, gloves, solar-powered battery packs, snack packs, hygiene products, baby wipes, foot powder, backpacks

Contact info for donating items: Tiny Herron,, 502-338-1025

Volunteer opportunities: Holiday meal prep Contact info for volunteering: Tiny Herron,, 502-338-1025

Phoenix Health Center of Family Health Centers

Items Needed: Toiletries, sleeping bags, backpacks, socks, ponchos, gloves, winter hats/beanies, sweatshirts / sweatpants (new), underwear (new), blankets

Contact info for donating items: Andy Patterson,, 502-569-1670

Volunteer opportunities: NA Contact info for volunteering: N/A

Re:Center Ministries

Items Needed: Winter hats, gloves, socks (men’s and women’s), underwear (men’s and women’s), blankets, coats, hygiene products

Contact info for donating items: Becca Miller,, 502.584.6543 ext. 101

Volunteer opportunities: donation drives, meal prep/donation

Contact info for volunteering: Becca Miller,, 502.584.6543 ext. 101

Rhonda’s Another Chance

Items Needed: toiletries, all cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, masks

Contact info for donating items: Mona Page,

Volunteer opportunities: Check website for time-specific volunteer opportunities:

Contact info for volunteering: Mona Page,

Salvation Army 

Items Needed: coats for men and women (particularly XL, 2x, 3x, 4x),  hoodies or sweatshirts, new underwear (men’s and women’s), winter hats and gloves

Contact info for donating items:, 671-4926

Volunteer opportunities: serving in the kitchen, helping with Angel Tree, Red Kettle bell ringing

Contact info for volunteering:, 671-4920

Seven Counties Services

Items Needed: men’s/women’s socks, men’s/women’s rubber boots, tarps, tents

Contact info for donating items: Andrea Keith,, 502-802-4257

Contact info for volunteering: Andrea Keith,, 502-802-4257

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Items Needed: Twin/single size air mattresses, blankets, pillows, twin sized sheets, toiletries, hoodies, tennis shoes (size 10 and larger), towels, socks, men’s underwear (new), gloves for all ages, hats for all ages but especially men’s winter hats, cleaning supplies

Contact info for donating items: Donna Young (Director of Volunteer Services & Conference Affairs): or 502-301-868

Volunteer opportunities: Serving Lunch (Noon) or Dinner (5pm) at the Open Hand Kitchen, Tutoring (M-T 4:00 – 6:00), Food Pantry (Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 – 12:00)

Contact info for volunteering: Donna Young (Director of Volunteer Services & Conference Affairs): or 502-301-8688

St. John Center for Homeless Men

Items Needed: new white crew men’s socks, new hats and gloves, new men’s underwear

Contact info for donating items: Jim Fulkerson,, 502-398-3505

Volunteer opportunities: Two-hour weekly or bi-weekly volunteers shifts in the shelter Contact info for volunteering: Shannon Frey,, 502-901-5851

St. John Center for Homeless Men 

Items Needed: new white crew men’s socks, new hats and gloves, new men’s underwear

Contact info for donating items: Jim Fulkerson,, 502-398-3505

Volunteer opportunities: Two-hour weekly or bi-weekly volunteers shifts in the shelter 

Contact info for volunteering: Shannon Frey,, 502-901-5851 [divider] 

Sweet Evening Breeze

Items Needed: Clothing, toiletries, socks, jackets, Contact info for donating items: Glenn Martin: / 502-690-4003

Contact info for volunteering: Glenn Martin / / 502-690-4003

Uniting Partners for Women and Children (UP)

Items Needed: backpacks, small fleece blankets (easy to transport), hoodies, leggings 

Contact info for donating items: Ana Paliza-Brown,, 502.384.0001

Volunteer opportunities: in shelter assisting with mail, phones, and supporting staff with supplies and individual needs 

Contact info for volunteering: Ana Paliza-Brown,, 502.384.0001 

Volunteers of America Mid-States

Items Needed: coats (all sizes) twin bedding, towels, pillows, diapers, wipes, laundry pods, 

Contact info for donating items: Tamara Reif:

Volunteer opportunities: wrapping at Christmas time 

Contact info for volunteering: Tamara Reif:

Wayside Christian Mission

Items Needed: Pillows, twin sized sheets, toilet paper, bottled water, laundry detergent, hygiene items

Volunteer opportunities: Food servers, thrift store helpers, veterans to help in our veterans program, and many other volunteer positions.

Contact: Visit their website at or call 502-345-9030.


Items Needed: Adult-sized Hats, Socks, Gloves, NEW underwear (men’s and women’s), gift cards to Target, Kroger or Walgreens ($5 or $10 increments preferred) 

Contact info for donating items: Kim Johnson:, 502.753.1453

Volunteer opportunities: Assembling gifts for distribution or outdoor landscaping 

Contact info for volunteering: Kim Johnson / / 502.753.1453

YMCA Safe Place Services

Items Needed: new or gently used winter clothing for young men and women (age 18 to 24) 

Contact info for donating items: 502.635.5233

Volunteer opportunities: Serve as a mentor and positive role model for young people with incarcerated parents. Contact info for volunteering: Brittany Leon – – 502.635.4393

YouthBuild Louisville

Items Needed: Personal care kits, gloves, hats, blankets (new), new shelves for supply storage 

Contact info for donating items: Amber Love,, (502) 290-6121

Volunteer opportunities: Organizing donations, developing furniture storage Contact info for volunteering: Evie Schuster,, (502) 290-6121  

Zora’s Cradle

Items Needed: infant formula, cleaning supplies, masks, breast pumps, printer paper 

Contact info for donating items: Shemika Whiteside,, 502-830-9460

Volunteer opportunities: We would love volunteers that can assist with organizing our milk bank (i.e. tracking inventory, labeling items)

Contact info for volunteering: Shemika Whiteside,, 502-830-9460

After you’re done donating items, you can also help us to advocate for people living in poverty and experiencing homelessness; to get on our email list, click here.