• Where Will You Sleep Tonight?
  • How WIll You Keep Warm?
  • What's For Dinner?

Take A Stand (Thursday, 11/13) (9/20/2014) - Last year, there were 8,608 homeless Louisvillians, including 916 veterans, 3,447 people with disabilities, and 1,196 children (including 562 unaccompanied youth). Isn’t it time we all take a stand? November is hunger and homelessness awareness month. On Thursday, November 13, compassionate citizens are joining together to take a stand to end homelessness in our city. We...
Give-a-Jam (Thursday, 12/18/14) (9/20/2014) - Save the date for the fourth annual Give-a-Jam to end homelessness at the Clifton Center on Thursday, December 18, 2014, at 6 p.m.! Entertainment will be provided by talented local musicians, food will be prepared by fabulous local restaurants, and auction items will be crafted by skilled local artists. $20 pays for your admission and...

The Louisville Street Tips booklet is produced and published by the Coalition for the Homeless. It’s a quick reference guide for those in need of shelter or services. We also hope service providers find this guide useful in providing referrals to our homeless population and others in need. If you would like to obtain Street Tips in booklet format, call us at 502-636-9550 x10.

Download The Louisville Street Tips Booklet.

The Kentucky Rents website is a FREE service provided by Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) in conjunction with RentLinx to bring those with available rental housing together with prospective tenants. The effort was instituted to primarily help families in Kentucky find affordable housing; however, there are no rent or income limitations to use this service: http://kyrents.org/Pages/default.aspx.

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