Employment Opportunity: Housing Specialist

The Coalition for the Homeless is seeking a part-time, salaried employee to work up to 30 hours per week on housing management activities. Hours are flexible. Duties include conducting housing inspections, mediation with property owners on behalf of program participants, tenant counseling, managing leases and managing paperwork for leases, and general administration of HUD funded Permanent Supportive Housing programs. Applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field or two years experience in social services, preferable working with homeless individuals and families. Basic computer and communication skills are important to fulfill the job. Interested applicants should submit their resume by October 16, 2015 to: Brandi Scott, 1300 S. 4th St., Ste. 250, Louisville, KY 40208, or bscott@louhomeless.org. See the full job description below.


Coalition for the Homeless Job Description

Revised: September 14, 2015

Title: Housing Specialist

Summary: This position is responsible for conducting daily activities associated with the management of housing for HUD funded Permanent Supportive Housing Programs.

Reports to: Housing Manager

Direct Reports: None

Classification: Part-time, up to 30 hours per week. Flexible schedule.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a related field or two years experience in social services. Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite. Ability to work with diverse groups. Written and oral communication skills. Must possess the skills to professionally interact with program participants who may not be open and receptive to instruction/intervention. Must own personal, insured vehicle. Must pass criminal background check.

Description: The Housing Specialist will be responsible for a variety of tasks associated with the management of HUD Permanent Supportive Housing grants. The Housing Specialist will work directly with formerly homeless individuals and families to help them obtain and maintain permanent housing. Work will occur both in an office setting and in the homes of program participants. As such, the Housing Specialist will occasional be exposed to air contaminants, including tobacco smoke, and other environmental irritants.

1. Conduct housing quality standards inspections in a timely manner.
2. Conduct environmental reviews in conjunction with HUD requirements.
3. Conduct rent reasonableness evaluations.
4. Mediate with property owners and landlords on behalf of program participants.
5. Communicate with property managers, assure their compliance with HUD program guidelines, and assist the managers with problem resolution when needed.
6. Help program participants address maintenance issues with their landlord.
7. Assist program participants with housing related paperwork and education on how to maintain housing.
8. Educate program participants on how to navigate landlord maintenance procedures.
9. Develop landlord relationships, work to create new relationships, and maintain existing landlord relationships.
10. Other duties as assigned, including work with landlords and program participants to prepare and understand occupancy agreements and leases, calculate program participants payments and collect monthly occupancy fees from program participants, and assist with general paperwork and administration of Permanent Supportive Housing grants.