House of Ruth

House of Ruth is a nonprofit organization that strengthens lives for those with or affected by HIV/AIDS. House of Ruth staff, Board members, volunteers, and donors help strengthen lives for more than 1,300 people, including nearly 250 children and 700 households each year.

Any individual living in our region with HIV/AIDS and those living in the same household (including children) qualify for admission to House of Ruth’s General Assistance Program.

  • Referral to House of Ruth Housing Program, Glade House Transitional Program, or other housing opportunities in the community
  • Case management utilizing an individualized treatment plan to assist clients in accessing mental health and substance abuse treatment, employment and/or disability benefits, educational training, and legal services in the community
  • Basic needs assistance, including public transportation tickets, emergency food vouchers, prescription co-payments, and emergency rental and utility assistance
  • Referral to House of Ruth’s Children’s Program for any child who has HIV/AIDS or lives in the same household with or receives significant financial and emotional support from a caregiver with HIV/AIDS
  • Social gatherings and holiday events
  • Adult life-skills workshops
  • Advocacy and education

Different volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year.  You can sign up to receive more information or view current volunteer opportunities on their website: