Take A Stand

Take A Stand photo 2014
A volunteer in the Highlands holds up her sign for the 2014 #TakeAStandLou event. Photo by Jon Fairfield.






























Watch our 2016 Take A Stand video to hear from a couple of courageous formerly homeless veterans who now have a place to call home, thanks to the hard work of our partner agencies.

Did you know that there were 7,380 Louisvillians who were homeless at some point in 2014, including nearly 1,400 children and over 900 veterans?

Are you interested in increasing awareness about homelessness and spreading the word about how we can help our homeless neighbors?

Join us for our second #TakeAStandLou event, when people across the city are holding signs showing how they are taking a stand against homelessness and inviting others to do the same.


Get involved.

  • Share one of these messages in a public post on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TakeAStandLou to spread awareness about homelessness in Louisville. (You can write it on a piece of paper and take a selfie, or just include the text with a link to the Coalition’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter page. Be sure to use the hashtag #TakeAStandLou so we can share your post!)
  • Visit the Coalition’s Facebook page and to join and share the #TakeAStandLou event.
  • Publicly commit to taking a stand for our homeless neighbors by selecting one of these actions and posting about it on social media with the hashtag #TakeAStandLou. Here are some ideas:
    • I commit to take a stand for my 7,380 homeless neighbors by volunteering at one of the Coalition for the Homeless member agencies: http://louhomeless.org/?page_id=1286. #TakeAStandLou
    • I commit to take a stand for my 7,380 homeless neighbors by contacting my Metro Council representative about the importance of funding the Affordable Housing Trust Fund: http://louhomeless.org/?p=3388. #TakeAStandLou
    • I commit to take a stand for my 7,380 homeless neighbors joining the Coalition for the Homeless’ Five Bucks A Month Club to get one person off of the streets and into shelter for one night each month during extreme weather: http://louhomeless.org/?page_id=3162. #TakeAStandLou
    • I am a landlord, and I commit to rent to homeless veterans or other formerly homeless people. #TakeAStandLou (For more information about how to do this, click here to reach out to John Miles with Metro Louisville to learn more how you can help.) 

Thank you for taking a stand for our homeless neighbors!

To watch our #TakeAStandLou video from last year, click here.