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July 21, 2020

Eviction Prevention Assistance

First and foremost, a landlord still cannot file for an eviction due to failure to pay your rent in the state of Kentucky, thanks to protections from Governor Beshear (in Executive Order 2020-323, section 7). We will update everyone when that changes, but there is no set date for when evictions due to failure to pay rent will resume legally.

While you cannot be evicted for not paying your rent, you are still obligated to do so, and evictions are proceeding virtually for issues unrelated to failure to pay rent.

Please see this list of resources and ideas if you cannot pay your rent and are concerned about eviction.

1) If you can demonstrate that you’ve lost income due to COVID-19 and need rental assistance, contact any Neighborhood Place to apply for the One Louisville Fund by making an appointment here OR by filling out this form, which will send you an application to fill out. You can simultaneously apply for their Eviction Prevention program by either calling 502-977-6636 or by visiting this website to set up an appointment to fill out an application.

2) Communicate with your landlord about what you’re able to pay and what rental assistance you’ve applied for so they know what to expect. Ask them about a payment plan if you’re able to do that.

3) Check this list to see if your landlord can apply for assistance on your behalf. If they are on this document, send them this link!

4) If you are getting evicted or have legal concerns about your landlord, please call Legal Aid at 502-584-1254 and they will call you back within approximately 72 hours.

5) If you are behind on your LG&E bills, apply first for LIHEAP (you have to make an appointment first), then through the One Louisville Fund, and then contact your Community Ministry (enter your address here and zoom out to see which agency you need to call, then contact them). Please note that LG&E has a moratorium on shut-offs until September 1st!

6) If you are behind on your water bill, there is assistance through the One Louisville Fund from the Neighborhood Place and your local Community Ministry.

7) If you need emergency assistance with your rent, mortgage, and utility assistance and cannot get help from the Neighborhood Place, find your Community Ministry (enter your address here and zoom out to see which agency you need to call and contact them).

Beginning on August 3rd, there will be one application that you can fill out and there will be someone who can help you through the entire process. Please check back at that time if you still need help.