Fighting for the Poor and Homeless

Dear Members and Friends,

It is time once again to fight for the needs of the poor and homeless in our community.

With $35 million in cuts needed from the Louisville budget, many are fighting for a piece of the pie, and we cannot allow those in greatest need to be drowned out. 

The ask is not difficult, but it will only work if we can bring many to the table to make our voices heard.

Please call, email, write, or visit your Metro Council member and as many others as you can to let them know that our programs are public safety and they must be preserved for the sake of our city’s future. A email or letter template can be found here, but feel free to write something from your heart—and please share numbers of those who will not be served due to cuts (found in attached letter). 

This time, the emails and letters must come from as many people as possible. Metro Council heard from lots of constituents who did not want to pay more taxes, and now they are hearing from many city employees and others about programs important to them. We must speak loudly, which means each council member needs to get dozens of calls—especially from those in their district—asking to preserve existing services for homeless Louisvillians. Please ask your coworkers, family members, and friends to call or email. Just click here to find your councilperson and use our template or send a short email of your own.

If you are contacting Metro Council members who supported the insurance premium tax increase, you can thank them for their courage: Metro Council members Shanklin, Sexton-Smith, James, Coan, Hollander, Mulvihill, Blackwell, Triplett, Winkler, George, and Flood. But all 26 council members must hear from us and know how important these programs are. Remember that this is the first budget for eight of them.

Thank you in advance for your efforts. Please share the word with anyone and everyone you can! Louisville’s homeless services save lives, and it’s time for us to fight for them.

Natalie Harris
Executive Director
Coalition for the Homeless