RELEASE: A New Path Home: Funding Solutions to End Homelessness

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, 1/25/23
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Coalition for the Homeless Releases “A New Path Home”
Local organization recommends solutions with funding needs to address homelessness crisis in Louisville

Louisville, KY (January 25, 2023)—The Coalition for the Homeless announced today the release of “A New Path Home: Funding Solutions for Ending Homelessness in Louisville,” a series of recommendations with four priorities for city funding: right to shelter, affordable housing, medical respite, and eviction prevention.

“Homelessness is a growing problem in Louisville: 41% more unhoused people sought services last year than three years prior, with nearly 5,000% more people seeking non-shelter services last year over the year prior,” said Natalie Harris, Executive Director. “We have heard loud and clear from city officials, people experiencing homelessness, and other neighbors that we need more robust solutions immediately and long-term.”

A New Path Home” draws on the Coalition’s 2022 research on the rise in homelessness in Louisville—a collaborative report which sought the input of dozens of local service providers, directly impacted people, and outreach workers—as well as a new analysis quantifying the unmet needs. The new document details the four priorities for funding these needs:

  • Right to Shelter: On any night, there are about 375 more unhoused Louisvillians than shelter beds. The Coalition recommends a right to shelter ordinance to fund the creation of 375 new non-congregate, well-staffed shelter options so no one has to sleep on the streets.
  • Affordable Housing: Louisville is short 31,000 units of affordable housing for our poorest households. The Coalition recommends a new revenue stream to fund 3,750 units of housing every year for eight years to close this gap, so that every poor Louisvillian can afford a home.
  • Medical Respite: Unhoused patients are often discharged to the streets, making it impossible for them to recover. We recommend funding 45 medical respite beds (30 new, 15 existing) through Norton/UofL and Family Health Centers so these patients have time, support, and the space needed to recover.
  • Eviction Prevention: Louisville’s pre-COVID eviction rate was twice the national average but with relief funding, we cut that number in half. The Coalition recommends new funds to maintain that progress, keeping thousands of Louisvillians in their homes and out of homelessness.

“The problem of homelessness is one we see in cities across the country, as it was created by a lack of sufficient federal funding for housing. But we also see Metro Council’s bold investment of ARP dollars and Mayor Greenberg’s goal of building 15,000 units of affordable housing in his first term,” said Natalie Harris. “We look forward to working together to realize a vision where we have enough emergency shelter, enough affordable housing, enough medical respite, and enough eviction prevention to meet the needs of every Louisvillian.”

The Coalition is planning a public education meeting and press event for February 28 to go over the needs and recommendations in detail. To get involved or learn more, see

About the Coalition for the Homeless

The Coalition for the Homeless is a nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent and end homelessness in Louisville. The Coalition advocates for change, educates the public about the face of homelessness, and coordinates the work of their 30+ member agencies across the city. For more information, call (502) 636-9550, or find the Coalition online at,, or