Seeking Comment on the Louisville Community Care Campus

On January 26, 2023, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg announced the purchase of a downtown property that will be converted to a “Community Care Campus.” The campus will ultimately cover seven acres with at least eight buildings in order to provide a myriad of services to people experiencing homelessness on one site. 

In March of 2022, after interviews with local service providers and hundreds of unhoused persons, the Coalition for the Homeless published Addressing Urgent Needs: A 2022 Analysis of Homelessness in Louisville. This report focuses on four key barriers to addressing the lack of affordable housing which include: housing, shelter, health care and prevention. Not all of these priorities can be addressed on the Community Care Campus, but they include:

  1. An increase in overnight shelter (especially for families),
  2. Medical respite that can address the needs of persons with dual diagnoses and those needing 24 hour care,
  3. case management, 
  4. common assessments and housing referrals, 
  5. 24 hour drop in resilience health facilities, 
  6. harm reduction services, 
  7. dual-diagnosis assessment and response, 
  8. flexible access to deposits, furniture and moving expenses, 
  9. housing navigation, and 
  10. storage facilities

Now, we are asking for your comments on what you think is most needed in this important but limited space as city leaders move forward with renovating and bringing on line key services to address the needs of unhoused Louisvillians. Please fill out the form here.