Take A Stand (#TakeAStandLou)

Take a stand:

  • MAKE A SIGN that says how YOU will take a stand and post it on social media with the hashtag #TakeAStandLou. If on Twitter, tag us @louhomeless; if on Facebook, tag us at “Coalition for the Homeless” (here’s our page). Here are some sign ideas:
        • I will take a stand by donating $5/month to get one homeless Louisvillian off the streets for one night during extreme weather
        • I will take a stand by volunteering at a local shelter
        • I will take a stand by contacting Metro Council about the importance of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
        • I will take a stand by telling someone about Louisville’s 900 homeless veterans and 1,200 homeless children
  • SUPPORT our Rx: Housing Veterans initiative to end homelessness for veterans in Louisville by 2016.
  • JOIN our $5 a month club to get one homeless person off the streets and into shelter during extreme weather. Click here, enter $15, then select the bubble next to “I would like to make this a recurring donation” and then choose “quarterly” to make a recurring donation at $15/quarter ($5 each month). Then continue entering your personal information to make a secure recurring gift.

Thank you for giving your time to take a stand and help our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness!

Our awareness event to launch this campaign was Thursday, November 13. From 3:30-6 p.m. that day, nearly 200 volunteers held up signs across the city that said things like, “I’ve never served in the military, but I’m here to take a stand for the 916 homeless Louisvillians who have. #TakeAStandLou.”


TakeAStand veterans sign